Civil War Erupts Between Black and Blue As Chaos Looms Over America: “The End Is Coming”

by Mac Slavo

Is all out civil war and widening unrest coming to America?

There’s good reason to think that it could be.

So far, the official story is that at least one sniper killed 5 police officers, shooting a total of twelve. The now-deceased 25 year old Micah Xavier Johnson has emerged as the prime suspect. Earlier reports claimed that there were between two and four snipers involved in the shooting, but now it is now clear whether or not other suspects taking into custody are still considered to be involved.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown emphasized statements allegedly made by the sniper indicating that race and an intent to kill white officers was his primary motive. People are the country were protesting the recent police killings of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling during traffic stops.

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