Can Post-Brexit London Retain Its Crown as a Global Hotspot?

by Ben Marlow

What makes a city great? With the UK now facing an uncertain future outside the European Union, it is a question that will become increasingly pertinent as the government attempts to negotiate a new trade deal that enables it to remain in the single market and continue to be one of the world’s economic powerhouses.

Amid such huge uncertainty, companies that have large UK operations, some built over many decades, are now being forced to consider moving some of their workers to other parts of the bloc.

The large majority of those will be based in London, which has long been the number one commercial, financial and business centre of Europe, dwarfing its rivals when it comes to luring the world’s top companies; 40pc of the biggest companies from across the globe have chosen the capital for their European bases, and 60pc of the big companies from outside Europe have chosen to locate their continental headquarters in the city.

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