A Nation of Crooks?

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

Apples to Oranges

Either we’re doing something wrong or we’ve got the most criminal population on the planet. – Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Jim Webb

PARIS – The stock market seemed chilled last week, like a corpse waiting for an autopsy. Monday morning, gold was falling in Europe… as investors anticipate a higher dollar. But we’ll return to the markets, the dollar and the absurdities wrought by our money system, tomorrow. Today, we look at other perversions.

America’s crime-fighting techniques were the subject of one of our recent Diary entries. Readers did not like our comparison of Dublin to Baltimore – not even tongue in cheek.

“Apples to oranges,” said several. None said so directly, but we suspect some critics were thinking neither about apples nor about oranges, but about their own safety. Former Reagan advisor Pat Buchanan said in Suicide of a Superpower:

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