A Gold Triple: K92 Mining Interview with CEO Ian Stalker

by Nick Hodge
Outsider Club

Publisher’s Note: Below is a recent interview I conducted with Ian Stalker, CEO of K92 Mining (TSX-V: KNT)(OTC: KNTNF). I first recommended K92 to members of Nick’s Notebook when it was still a private company. We got shares at C$0.35 with warrants to buy more at C$0.50. K92 Mining now trades at C$1.50. We’re up some 320% on our first position. (Click here to see how to get access to deals like that.) But there is much more to come from K92, as you see in the interview below. Not only is it about to restart a low-cost mine just at a time when gold prices are rising, but there is also significant potential for processing increases and exploration upside. Below, CEO Ian Stalker outlines a case for another tripling of the company’s market cap from here. Enjoy.

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