Tusk Blames ‘Utopian’ EU Elites for Eurosceptic Revolt and Brexit Crisis

Donald Tusk, the EU’s first Eastern European president, has accused Brussels of trampling on the historic nation states

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Europe’s president Donald Tusk has warned EU leaders in the bluntest terms that their “utopian” illusions are tearing Europe apart, and that any attempt to seize on Brexit to force through yet more integration would be a grave mistake.

In a passionate plea to Europe’s top conservatives, he accused the EU elites of living in a fool’s paradise and provoking the eurosceptic revolt now erupting in a string of countries.

“It is us who today are responsible,” he said, speaking at a conclave of Christian-Democrat and centre-right leaders in Luxembourg. “Obsessed with the idea of instant and total integration, we failed to notice that ordinary people, the citizens of Europe, do not share our Euro-enthusiasm.”

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