Thousands Flee as Venezuela Implodes

by Iván Carrino

The new failure of radical socialism in Venezuela is exposed when one looks at the number of people who seek to leave the country. Many people have run desperately away from the regime imposed by Chávez and continued by Nicolás Maduro.

One example of those who are fleeing their Venezuelan homes is a student I met in Spain named Willians. I first met Willians toward the end of 2011. He arrived late to the Austrian Economics Course we were attending at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, in Madrid. Having graduated from the Universidad de Carabobo in Venezuela, he was delayed in his arrival due to the amount of paperwork he had to do in order to get the necessary euros at the official exchange rate. Despite his efforts, the government — which heavily regulates currency exchanges — did not approve his request, and he had to cover all of his expenses at the black market foreign exchange rate.

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