The World Is Going to Pay for Brexit

Bob Moriarty discusses the reasons behind the Brexit vote and why governments need to change.

by Bob Moriarty
The Gold Report

The world is going to pay for Brexit.

In a good way.

One of people’s favorite fantasies is to believe they are smarter than your average concrete block when we all know bricks appear brilliant compared to humans.

A few years, back one of a hoard of new gold sites sent me an email pronouncing that they were having a price of gold prediction contest. They were going to those they considered the top 150 commentators have predict the price of gold at a point six months later. I puffed up at once realizing that at least someone in the world understood my brilliance. Actually I probably should have asked if I was #1 on their list or a fill in for #150 after five of their list had died in the last week.

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