The Week in Review: June 25, 2016

by Mises Institute

History was made this week as the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. By rejecting globalism and embracing self-determination, Brexit is an example of decentralization and devolution of state power, which is always worthy of celebration. Further, as Thorsten Polleit notes, the move made economic sense for Britain with the EU representing “a case par excellence illustrating the failure of interventionism.” A post-Brexit world offers new opportunities for Britain, a chance for Britons to live a life not entirely regulated by bureaucrats in Brussels, and can serve as an example for secession movements both internationally and at home.

Ryan McMaken joins Jeff this week on Mises Weekends to discuss Brexit and its consequences. Are secession movements and political decentralization always good for liberty? Why do some libertarians disagree? Why does the Left love centralized state power, when in fact progressives could enact their entire agenda here and now — if only in certain states like California? Is a growing tide of anti-globalist sentiment necessarily bad for Hillary and good for Trump? And will Brexit lead to much bigger implosions, such as an actual eurozone nation leaving the EU and resurrecting its old currency?

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