The Rise and Fall of Black America

from Stefan Molyneux

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Question: “I’m a black female, born in the U.S. to Caribbean immigrant parents. Lately, I’ve been struggling with feelings of alienation and disappointment because even though I feel fully American and I love being American, I feel as though I don’t fit in with any group. I feel like I have little in common with African Americans culturally speaking, but I don’t have much in common with white Americans either; I’ve noticed a clear divide in many aspects of my life. To complicate matters, I’m pretty conservative so I feel as though that turns many people my age off of me because ‘liberalism’ is the ‘correct’ posture. Naturally, this makes me less inclined to develop any sort of relationships with them either.”

“My greatest concern is marriage. Family has always been foremost for me and I’ve always wanted a husband and children. However, I feel like my options are severely limited due to the illegitimacy crisis in the black ‘community’ and due to general black underachievement. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more doubtful of interracial marriage, as I worry that the children will be confused as to their identity.”

“All of this has been causing me a great deal of anxiety lately. I wanted to ask your advice on navigating relationships (casual, friendships, romantic) given my situation and what your advice for managing my feelings of alienation would be.”

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