The Deutsche Bank Gold Manipulation Scandal

by Leonard Melman
Resource World

One of the great questions overhanging the precious metals world is simply this: why has every important rally in gold and silver since the summer 2011 highs been beaten back despite the greatest worldwide binges of central bank fiat money creation in history over the past several years and the greatest expansion of government debt in history during the same period? As a result of these failures, many precious metals investors and traders have suffered significant losses.

Perhaps the most important ingredient in investment analysis is the ability to rely on the credibility of information used to form judgements. Obviously, if information is accurate and believable, sound judgements may result – but if information is tainted or even deliberately falsified, that becomes an entirely different matter. Within that concept, it now appears that the world of gold and silver investing may have been influenced by the latter type of data. In addition, those falsifications may have come from sources which the public may well have considered to be unimpeachable.

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