Still Report #980 – Obama Changes His Tune on the UK

from Bill Still

lass=”” >President Obama has miraculously had a change of heart on Britain’s relationship with the US after Thursday’s Brexit vote.
Obama did a little back-peddling over the weekend at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley.
Obama even tried to get out ahead of the worldwide populist stampede towards national sovereignty by admitting for the first time that globalization had challenges ahead.
And there you have it. The most important thing to the New World Order crowd is to tie all nations to interlocking global trade agreements. Why? Because they – like the EU – are nothing but sovereignty stealers wrapped up in a pretty poison pill package of so-called “free trade” deals.
However, anyone with some common sense can see that they are nothing but slave trade deals that install one huge trans-national government.
Here’s something to think about: If these deals were really about free trade, why do we need deals at all?
This morning, European financial markets opened down again, but still above Friday’s lows – a typical response to the uncertainties presented by the Brexit exit.
It will be interesting to see what sort of reception President Obama gets the next time he visits the UK – that is, if the new leadership in London would even allow that before Obama’s term expires on January 20th.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.