Still Report #967 – Queen Probably Supports Brexit

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on Brexit.
The Royal biographer of Britain, Robert Lacey, says that her Majesty, QE, may be a secret Leave supporter concerning tomorrow’s vote.
“The Queen has no vote but I think she may feel we should be Out.
“That’s only my guess as to her thoughts — but she does like robust debate.”
At a recent private dinner, including members of her immediate family, the Queen questioned each guest about their thoughts on the Brexit question.
“Give me THREE good reasons’ she has, apparently, been asking her dinner companions recently, ‘why Britain should be part of Europe?’”
Her Majesty has apparently been fretting about the Muslim problems in England. In 2012, The Queen spoke with a BBC reporter and asked why fanatical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza could not be arrested and extradited.
In a blog written for the Daily Beast, Lacey said that history would show that the Queen has always been:
“…impeccably non-political in public. But in private it is a different story.”
“Her majesty can be refreshingly outspoken among friends, as we discovered from her comments last month on the ‘very rude’ Chinese delegation in London.
“The same is true when it comes to Europe.”
Lacey, who is an admitted Remain supporter, reminded readers that although her Majesty has no vote, he admits:
“She’s a very thoughtful Euroskeptic….”
And that only stands to reason. How can the ruler of a sovereign nation be anything but it’s biggest cheerleader.
But then, there is the example of President Obama….
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.