Still Report #965 – Paris Police Stabbing Broadcast Live on Facebook

from Bill Still

lass=”” >The day after the Orlando ISIS massacre that killed 49 Americans, another Ramadan-related attack took place just outside Paris and the assailant even broadcast his brazen attack live on Facebook.
We in America didn’t hear a word about this because of the wall-to-wall television focus on the Orlando tragedy.
Here’s what happened. Larossi Abballa stabbed a police commander on Monday, June 13, outside his home, and according to CNN, broadcast the attack live on Facebook.
Abballa repeatedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he stabbed the policeman 9 times in the stomach. He then entered his home and held the officer’s wife and 3-year-old son hostage in the Paris suburb of Magnanville, about 30 miles northwest of Paris.
According to the British newspaper, the Independent:
“During the live broadcast, Abballa was allegedly shown to consider what to do about the couple’s son, according to French jihad expert David Thomson.”
What in the heck does this mean? Was he in 2-way communication via Facebook messaging, getting instructions from the jihadi mother ship?
Eventually, French police stormed the house and found the chief’s wife dead but their child was unharmed.
According to the Independent:
“On a Facebook account said to belong to the attacker, a post announces his ‘success’ in killing a police officer and his wife at their home, claiming that ‘the brothers in Sham [Isis territories]’ are in contact with him.”
The post continues:
“I declare loudly and strongly my allegiance to the Emir Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
“I have responded to the call of Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani.”
Isis spokesperson Abu Muhammad al-Adnani has called for a series of lone wolf attacks during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan – a “month of calamity for infidels.”
After an emergency cabinet meeting chaired by French President Francois Hollande, the Interior Minister officially announced the attack in Magnanville and that an anti-terrorism investigation into the double murder had been launched.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.