Still Report #948 – You Tube Begins Economic Blacklisting

from Bill Still

lass=”” >For the first time, I’m beginning to fear that one morning I could awaken to find all 1,225 of our reports scrubbed from YouTube. Why? Because, apparently they are becoming increasingly annoying to our current political/economic structure.
My last four reports have fallen victim to a new economic blacklisting policy – YouTube’s dreaded golden dollar sign label which, according to YouTube, labels a report as “not advertiser friendly.”
This means that no ads may be placed within the content and therefore no ad income derived from that report.
We cover controversial topics, and we ARE very opinionated with our political views, however, there is no excuse to economically blacklist them. We maintain a very strict policy of removing all obscenities, or what is popularly termed “hate speech”, such as threats or name calling. Removing such hateful comments takes us many hours per week but it keeps us right in the heart of our 1st Amendment protections.
The goal is to produce a channel that is “family friendly” so that even home-schooling parents can feel comfortable giving their children unlimited access to this channel without fear of them picking up any bad influences — other than the habit of supporting human freedom worldwide.
So, our content exists completely within a framework of “decency” and within that framework we discuss threats to human freedom.
We do not hide the fact that we believe that the Obama administration is an ominous chapter in American history – probably the greatest threat to this nation’s liberties since our founding. And for writing these words alone, this report will now, no doubt, earn YouTube’s dreaded gold dollar sign. In other words, we will be publishing this content in the public interest alone.
As you all know, we run this channel on nothing but these ad revenues and the generosity of our viewers, so this is a significant problem.
But we will continue practicing our 1st Amendment right of free speech as long as we can and trust that this will be financially sufficient to keep us in health and home until this dark cloud passes.
Fortunately, YouTube has left one window open for income despite the dreaded golden dollar sign – that is at the end of every report you will see this flash up on the screen about 30 seconds from the end. Click on it and the Support Bill Still window pops up.
Why is freedom of speech so important to the overall cause of human freedom?
In 1605, Francis Bacon wrote in his book, “The Advancement of Learning:
“Liberty of speech inviteth and proveketh liberty to be used again, and so bringeth much to a man’s knowledge.”
As Benjamin Franklin put it 1722:
“Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom….
“This sacred Privilege is so essential to free Governments, that the Security of Property, and the Freedom of speech always go together….
“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech; a thing terrible to Publick Traytors.”
In 1966, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote:
“Censorship … is the hallmark of an authoritarian regime.”
In 1928, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis wrote:
“Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers.”
On August 8, 1950, President Harry Truman put it this way:

On May 27, 2016, we published “Still Report #898 – First Superbug Found Resistant to All Antibiotics.” It contains zero political opinion. It concerns the appearance of a new infectious agent that is resistant to all known antibiotics, called mcr-1.

It quotes the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden who warned last month that:
“We risk being in a post-antibiotic world.”
“It is dangerous and we would assume it can be spread quickly, even in a hospital environment if it is not well contained.”
It also talks about osteopathy which believes that many human diseases can be cured naturally merely by removing the mechanical restrictions of the mis-aligned areas of a patient’s skeletal structure.
According to Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, writing in 1909 in “The Journal of Osteopathy”:
“Osteopathy relies upon the inherent powers of the human body to secure and maintain health so long as its structural integrity is maintained, harmonious action of its parts is secured by mechanical adjustment, only healthy foods are administered, and Nature’s laws are observed.”
“Any obstruction to the free flow of the body fluids or harmonious workings of its parts constitute lesions that result in diseased conditions.”
“The Journal of Osteopathy”, Vol. XVI, #3, Kirksville, MO, March 1909, p. 151-158”
Do drug companies feel threatened by these statements to the point where they can insist that YouTube blacklist this vital report to the American people? Apparently so.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.