Still Report #920 – Violence at San Jose Trump Rally

from Bill Still

lass=”” >A group of a couple hundred angry Hispanic anti-Trump protesters tried to harass a pro-Trump crowd of 15,000+ as they were leaving the Trump rally yesterday in San Jose, California.
Not realizing that many in this crowd are simply paid thugs trying to create violent scenes for television cameras – one woman with a Trump shirt tried to argue with some of them. She was quickly surrounded and pelted with eggs.
Hey, if this is the best they can do … if this is all we have to do to reclaim our freedom and sovereignty, let’s all pay this price up front before we have to pay it in serious blood on down the road.
Keep in mind, they can only scrape together a couple hundred guys where there are thousands or tens of thousands of Trump supporters. Don’t avoid going to a Trump rally for fear of them. I’ve been to several and it’s easy to avoid the small areas where any hint of trouble is. You can be absolutely safe at these rallies.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.