Still Report #919 – Virginia Raggi – The Trump of Roma

from Bill Still

lass=”” >To the Tories of the Western World – those who basically buy into the New World Order agenda – be they otherwise right, left or center – populism is the word they love to hate – their demon political concept from the 4th dimension. Actual “little people” being able to control their governments?
Populism hates centralization of power. It hates the debt-based economy built by privately-owned central banks that is choking the life out of every economy on the planet. Populism loves strong national borders and the preservation of cultural identities.
Populism believes that average people ARE smart enough to govern. Populism venerates freedom and the rule of law – where everyone is equal before the scales of justice.
A year ago, most of us had never heard the word. Today populists are breaking out all over, especially in Europe. The latest outbreak is in the mayor’s race in Rome, Italy.
Meet the Donald Trump of Italy, Virginia Raggi – a 37-year-old dark-haired beauty who has put her legal career on hold to try to save Rome in particular and then later on perhaps, Italy in general, from generations of corruption compounded by the invasion across the Mediterranean.
O-ne-sta ! O-ne-sta ! – which means honesty in Italian.
This is the chant that moves through crowds flocking to meet Ms. Raggi in person.
She is the euroskeptic 5-Star Movement’s candidate for Mayor of Roma. She was chosen by her party as the new spearhead by an on-line ballot of 5-Star members.
5-Star was founded in 2009 by television comedian Beppe Grillo, who has publicly defended Nigel Farage – the head of Britain’s like-minded UKIP party.
To qualify as a candidate for 5-Star’s backing, candidates cannot be professional politicians. A member of the party may not hold office more than twice, and so, must return to his or her original job after a second term.
If ever there was a potent pattern for a new brand of government, this is it.

A few years ago, I was invited to speak at a 5-Star function on the topic of monetary reform; but travel arrangements never materialized.
In just a few years, 5-Star has become the second-largest political party in the lower house of the Italian Parliament, and the largest of the opposition parties – a remarkable achievement.
However, in the next nationwide election, 5-Star has hopes of a sweeping victory in Parliament, and even perhaps, leadership of the Italian government, itself.
But first they must get Virginia Raggi a win this Sunday in the first round of Rome’s mayoral election that will narrow the field candidates for the final mayoral run-off election on Jun. 19. We will be following this one closely.