Still Report #918 – Tory Election Fraud Likely Defeated Nigel Farage

from Bill Still

lass=”” >It looks like the Donald Trump of Britain – Nigel Farage – may get another shot at a seat in the British Parliament.
A possible re-votemay be ordered due to apparent election fraud on the part of the national offices of the conservative Tory party which engineered Farage’s defeat a year ago.
A British judge has given police investigators more time to investigate whether conservative Tories had exceeded spending limits in their headlong zeal to defeat the outspoken Brexit advocate in his bid to win a seat in the British Parliament.

Each constituency in Britain is limited to spending no more than approximately 15,000 British pounds per parliamentary election – a bit over $21,000.
That’s a little more than one-percent of the amount a member of the U.S. Congress spends on an election.
However, a joint investigation by British Channel 4 News and the “Daily Mail” newspaper found the cost of dozens of hotel rooms were charged improperly to the national Tory party’s office, instead of the spending returns of the eventual Tory winner of the seat, Craig Mackinlay.
The hotel rooms were used by Tory officials, consultants and activists sent into Farage’s constituency to engineer his defeat last May.
As a result, District Judge Justin Barron ruled against Tory attempts to block the investigation, saying the case was:
“… wholly exceptional [with a] very significant public interest in the matter being fully investigated.”
“The consequences of a conviction would be of a local and national significance with the potential for election results being declared void.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.