Still Report #911 – Brexit Forces Gaining Momentum

from Bill Still

lass=”” >The British pound slumped in yesterday’s market as news that the proponents of Britain leaving the European Union are gaining momentum as the latest polls show them leading for the first time by a 3-point margin in one, and a 4-point margin in another.
On May 18, one poll showed the Remain crowd with a comfortable 18-point lead. But yesterday’s new telephone poll of over 4,000 people showed the Leave group with a 3 point lead, 45 leave to 42% stay.
Another poll done by IC put the Leave contingent ahead by 4% – 52 to 48%.
Former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is now a member of parliament, pledged to deploy a tough new immigration system based on the Australian-style points system, if Brexit passes to halt the massive immigrant invasion. The latest figures show that net migration to the UK has risen to 330,000 per year.
Johnson, along with the former Secretary of State for Justice, Michael Grove – also now a member of Parliament – recently calculated that if Britain votes to Brexit, the amount of money saved would mean the British government could scrap the VAT on household energy bills.
The Brexit vote comes on June 23.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.