Still Report #910 – #NeverTrumps are Secret Globalists

from Bill Still

lass=”” >In the ultimate irony of ironies, within the last hour, Michelle Fields writing in – guess what – the AOL-owned Huffington Post – is reporting that the top 3 candidates said to have been interviewed by #NeverTrump-sters Bill Kristol and Mittens Romney have said thanks, but no thanks to joining in on the political suicide mission of trying to take down the Trump candidacy.
According to anonymous sources Ms. Fields quotes who are close to the decision-making process, the dynamic duo has interviewed Marine General James Mattis, Ohio Governor John Kasich, former Sen. Tom Coburn, and Sen. Ben Sasse.
“There were three people that we came close to convincing to jump into the race, but for very understandable personal reasons they couldn’t pivot fast enough to do it themselves and jump in.”
On Saturday, Kristol tweeted that an “impressive” independent challenger with a “real chance” would be entering the race.
But here comes the crucial info.
The “Never Trump” movement is aware that if they fail to find a willing candidate:
“… its leaders say they will accept defeat and focus their efforts on trying to reduce some of the long-lasting damage that Trump will likely have on the Republican Party.”
And just what damage might that be? According to “Never Trump” supporter, Wisconsin radio host Charles Sykes:
“We have to make it clear that Trumpism is not conservatism, but rather a toxic stew of nationalism and cult of personality politics.”
So there you have it. The main thing Bill Kristol, Mittens Romney and company have against Donald Trump is that he supports nationalism – not their New World Order despotism.
I thought the rock-solid foundation of conservatism was patriotism and nationalism? These guys are not America patriots. They do not support freedom and justice for all. They do not support governance by self-determination. They are traitors – not only to the United States – but to freedom-loving people the world over.
Never let this revelation be forgotten. It’s rare that we get to peak behind the curtain of these guys’ real intentions. Nationalism is the dirtiest of dirty words to these folks. And the wisdom of the average American voter is not to be venerated and respected, but ridiculed and suppressed.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.