Silver & Gold Break Key Technical Levels after BREXIT Vote – Trader Stef Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends

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In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, TraderStef is issuing a strong urge for investors and those who care about their financial well-being to own gold. She has been calling for some major “RYPO” moves. This is a word she coined which stands for “rip your panties off,” and we are seeing just that after the UK’s vote crashed $2.1 trillion worldwide in equities on Friday alone.

01:20 BREXIT vote triggers market crash & gold/silver rally
04:30 People flooding into precious metals as key technical levels broken
07:20 Gold technical analysis
12:15 Silver technical analysis
17:20 Mining Stocks about to rally big
19:30 What will the Federal Reserve do to this market panic?

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