Remain Group Tries to Capitalize on Murder of Jo Cox: Will it Work?

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

Following the senseless murder of UK parliament member and Remain backer Jo Cox, the remain forces have come out to politicize her death, as expected.

[…] Please consider Merkel Warns Politicians Against Inflaming Hatred.

Angela Merkel on Friday warned that the killing of British MP Jo Cox should serve as a stark reminder to politicians to avoid inflammatory language.

“This is a terrible precedent,” said the German chancellor. “The overall lesson must be that we behave with respect to each other, including when we have different political beliefs?.?.?.?Otherwise radicalisation will definitely not be stopped.”

Critics of the Brexit campaign seized on the killing to attack the Brexiters. In France, Marion Van Renterghem, a reporter at Le Monde, the daily paper, tweeted: “The lovely face of Jo Cox will become the symbol of an absurd and suicidal referendum.”

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