Ready To Hang The Medical Scam Yet?

by Karl Denninger

You ought to be.

Read this one folks. It’s quit interesting, actually, and although it shouldn’t be either surprising or controversial, it is. In addition, despite being published in January 2015 there has been exactly zero movement in either the ADA or the general physician approach to metabolic syndrome (and worse.)

The basic problem with the so-called “modern” advice is quite simple — the reason you’re diabetic is because your body is no longer able to manage the intake of things that turn into glucose in your body. That’s what diabetes is, when you get down to it. Whether it’s Type I (an auto-immune disorder that destroys the islet cells in your pancreas) or Type II (you produce insulin but it doesn’t regulate glucose — that is, it doesn’t “work correctly”) at its core the outcome is the same.

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