Josh Crumb: BitGold Approaching 1 Million Users Quickly

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lass=”” >Jason Burack of Wall St for Main interviewed returning guest, Bitgold co-founder and the Chief Strategy Officer of Bitgold, Josh Crumb.

New articles on Bitgold software free for users:

During this 20+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Josh why gold has rallied in US Dollar terms since December?

Josh talks about negative real interest rates and how the gold bull market has actually been going on for more than 2 years in other currencies besides the US Dollar.

Jason and Josh discuss negative interest rate policy and the attempt by many global central banks to implement financial repression.

Josh says that gold will be an even more attractive alternative for investment and savings the more attempts central banks try at manipulating interest rates down or taxing people to keep money at a bank account as part of negative interest rate policy or NIRP.

Jason then starts asking Josh a lot of questions about the Bitgold business model like what problems in the market was Bitgold created to solve?

Bitgold has recently added the ability for businesses to pay payrolls in gold and pay dividends in gold for free to users and Bitgold is rapidly approaching 1 million users/customers in a little over a year.

If you want to learn more about Bitgold, this is a informative interview from Josh about where the company is now and where it’s going!

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