Janet Yellen’s $200-Trillion Debt Problem

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

Blame “Brexit”

BALTIMORE – The U.S. stock market broke its losing streak on Thursday [and even more so on Monday, ed.]. After five straight losing sessions, the Dow eked out a 92-point gain. The financial media didn’t know what to say about it. So, we ended up with the typical inanities, myths, and claptrap.

[…] “Brexit panic may be your big chance to buy the S&P 500,” says a headline at Marketwatch. The article claims investors have pushed down the value of the S&P 500 in fear of a so-called “Brexit.”

Next Thursday, in a national referendum, British voters will decide whether to end Britain’s 43-year membership in the European Union. But there are a number of problems with this…

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