It’s Like Magic: Obama Calls For More “Generous” Social Security Benefits

from Zero Hedge

In a speech given in Elkhart, Indiana on Wednesday, President Obama called for a strengthening social security, and even expanding the benefits of the program.

[…] Obama’s tone on the entitlement program (that is underfunded by trillions of dollars) went over well with the progressive base, who were still upset about Obama’s wavering about a social security “task force” a few years ago, and his support of social security being linked to a chained CPI which would effectively lower the cost of living adjustments for recipients. Of course the plan called for the “wealthiest Americans” to pay for it, which resonated even more. The White House downplayed that the comments were part of any type of pressure the president had been under from liberal groups, saying it’s been Obama’s stance all along.

From Politico

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