Is it the Cartel’s “Zero Hour?”

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Unquestionably, Jim Rickards is one of the most interesting, and enigmatic, people in the Precious Metals universe. He first came “onto the scene” as the general counsel for the infamous hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management (talk about an oxymoron); at which, he negotiated the 1998 “bailout” that, in some ways, marked the beginning of the end of the Alan Greenspan fueled bubble. According to GATA, the most honest, and knowledgeable people on the topic of gold manipulation, “LTCM” was massively short gold at the time of its collapse; and thus, said bailout was one of the modern gold Cartel’s’ first official actions. Which I bring up not to impugn Rickards – as obviously, his role in the legal department had nothing to do with LTCM’s investments – but to show how deeply he was exposed to the inner workings of gold manipulation.

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