Housing Market Hyper-Bubble – Fabian Calvo with Greg Hunter

Fabian Calvo – Hyper-Bubble in Stocks, Dollar & Government Debt

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Real estate expert Fabian Calvo says cheap money flooding into the housing market means we are nearing the end of the road for the current housing boom. Calvo explains, “What they have come up with now, through the Obama Administration and many other projects, is they have these down payment assistance programs, which is the federal government giving money to these local agencies. So, in essence, it is a no-money-down loan to fuel this housing bubble, which is really starting to verge on a ‘hyper-bubble’ like we see in the stock market today. It’s amazing to see what is happening and see it all repeat again. It’s going to spill over into this election year, and we will continue to see prices go up. We have these cheap interest rates and cheap money that has no value that is creating this artificial boom. . . . We are at the last and final stage of this current housing cycle, and that’s where the prices will take off exponentially as will the access to cheap money.”

Why a real estate boom and why now? Calvo, who buys and sells between $50 million to $100 million of real estate a year, contends, “The bankers on Wall Street that are creating this fake phony boom in real estate are all in the bag for Hillary Clinton. If we see a crash in the economy, or in housing, or in the stock market, that’s going to hurt her directly. It’s going to basically say Obama’s policies have failed. So, they are going to keep this going past the election year into 2017.”

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