Historic Brexit Vote Marks Commencement of the End Game – of Global Currency Collapse; the Demise of the European Union; and Imminently, the Gold Cartel Itself

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s 1:30 AM MST on Friday, June 23rd; i.e., the most important day in global financial history. I only slept for two hours; from which, I was awoken by a client – for the first time in five years at Miles Franklin – wanting to buy gold NOW. The reason, of course, is that what I have vehemently predicted for weeks has come true, despite unrelenting propaganda otherwise. Not to mention, pervasive PM community belief that “they” won’t let it happen; because, as Josef Stalin once famously said, “it’s not who votes, but who counts the votes that matter.”

To wit, despite an historic market manipulation and propaganda effort; which frankly, put Switzerland’s pre-gold referendum antics of late 2014 to shame; the UK “leave” campaign headed by Nigel Farage – who for years, I have deemed the “Ron Paul of Europe” – defeated the powers-that-be supported “remain” campaign by four percentage points, showing the people do in fact have the ability to change things, when pushed far enough.

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