Higher Education’s Academic Monoculture

by Loyd S. Pettegrew and Carol A. Vance

… the [commencement] message is that it is morally superior to be in organizations consuming output produced by others than to be in organizations which produce that output. — Thomas Sowell

We teach in a millennium where our junior, senior, and graduate students come to us indoctrinated to loathe the evil of capitalism, pursuing their education to work for either the government or not-for-profits. They want to save the world without recognizing the correlation between where the funding for the government and not-for-profits is derived and those evil capitalist corporations they abhor. Higher education is offering very little ideology to enlighten these attitudes.

In a recent Wall Street Journal essay “My Antibusiness Business Education,” Matthew Tice recounts his experience getting a business degree at Bentley College and how both his “business courses and nonbusiness courses espoused an illiberal attitude toward American capitalism and business in general.” He believes that for many students, “such messaging will become internalized and transmitted over time from the college campus to the working world, which is probably the long-term goal.”

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