Here’s What CNN Recommends You Do To Prepare For Collapse: “The Key is Getting a Good Investing Plan That Includes a Lot of Stocks, Some Bonds…”

by Mac Slavo

In mid January of 2016, just as global equities got hit with the biggest New Year’s crash in history, CNN made it a point to assure investors everything was fine when they noted that America’s Economy Is Still In Good Shape.

They’ve since changed their tune, but only slightly. The economy is apparently not doing so hot anymore, and with markets in turmoil and investors around the world panicked, CNN asks, is there anywhere left to hide?

Here’s the better advice right now: take a breath and really, really really think hard before you sell stocks.

It’s easy to worry about losses. The human brain is programmed for that. But smart investors don’t panic, they stay invested and look for opportunities in times of turmoil.

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