FED Has Painted Themselves into a Corner; No Rate Hike – Rick Ackerman Interview

from CrushTheStreet

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Rick Ackerman gives his expert analysis on the world monetary system, the huge debt & derivatives burden like a stormcloud hanging over ready to bring in the next global depression. Also discussed oil, metals and commodities. Our last interview with Rick was back in December 2015.

00:50 Introduction to Rick Ackerman
01:40 Pre-Fed Decision Dicussion on Federal Reserve
04:00 Bond rates to go lower & Rick’s predictions
06:30 How Economy to be Affected by falling bond yields
09:00 Does BREXIT matter? Less than you Expect
11:20 Oil Price: Rick Says Crash Lower Against Bankers
14:25 Deflation even amongst NIRP everywhere? Money Supply
16:50 Pensions, Social Security & Medicare = Deflation
19:20 How come Countries Won’t Print? No Helicopter Money?
20:20 Weimar Germany Hyperinflation example & differences
24:10 How Gold & Oil will React to Currency Wars
25:40 Rick’s Closing thoughts on bond rates
27:40 Connect & Get More from Rick: http://RickAckerman.com/moneytrends

Our last interview with Rick was December 10, 2016: