Crash of All Crashes Coming – Bo Polny with Greg Hunter

Bo Polny – Poverty, Hunger, Joblessness, Anger and then War

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says the vote by the UK (Brexit) to leave the European Union is a big turning point. Polny says, “Brexit is England and part of the cycle and I believe looks to be the actual trigger that is going to take gold higher and the trigger that is going to cause the world equity markets to collapse. It looks like it started, but we will have a little bit of time yet before things get extremely crazy. We are not going to get out of June before all heck breaks loose.”

Polny also is predicting the Dow will eventually grind down to around the 5,000 level. Polny explains, “Basically, after the Dow hits that 5,000 or 6,000 point, it never recovers. This is the crash of all crashes. This is the one where there is no recovery.”

On gold and silver prices, Polny says, “We have a gold bull market and a collapsing of the world equity markets. . . . If you are not positioned before the end of this month, June is the zero hour we are days away. If you are not positioned, it’s going to be very painful. Also, good luck getting some gold and silver when this happens because the moves will be so dramatic. I am foreseeing new all-time highs for silver and gold very shortly.

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