Charles Ortel: Clinton Foundation Largest Charity Fraud Ever Attempted

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lass=”” >Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, Wall St veteran, investor and whistle blower, Charles Ortel

Charles is and investor and writer interested in economics, geo-politics, history, travel and just, lasting peace.

During this 40+ minute interview, Charles talks extensively about his in depth research into the financials of the Clinton Foundation and the potential more than $100 billion in solicitation and wire fraud they may have committed.

Charles talks about how this charity went out of its way to not have any required financial statements and audits since its inception in 1997.

Charles thinks there’s potentially millions of cases of wire fraud and solicitation fraud in all US states, national charges and also international charges for fraud against the Clinton Foundation.

Jason also asks Charles about the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

To wrap up the interview, Jason then asks Charles about why the US stock market hasn’t crashed yet given how bad things are in the global economy, why holding physical gold is a good idea and how the US economy can be fixed long term and put on much sounder footing.

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