But, But…..

by Karl Denninger

Remember, Germany has strict gun laws. It allows acquisition and ownership only with a documented “need” for same, which cannot include “mere” self-defense. You are required to have liability insurance to get a carry license. There are “safe storage” requirements, and, as of 2009, both a federal gun registry and actual monitoring (on request, no warrant required!) of those safe-storage requirements.

Nonetheless “someone” just went into a theater heavily-armed there and started shooting; 25 are confirmed shot (no confirmation on the number of dead — yet.)

Of course the media is trying to bury the story. After all, it’s impossible for someone to get a gun and use it for unlawful purpose in Germany…… but someone did, and yet there are no armed civilians there able to stop him either. SWAT is apparently on-scene but they’ll probably do what they did in Orlando and let people bleed out on the floor while “negotiating”…..

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