Brexit “Gasoline Thrown on the Fire”: Today is Just the Beginning…

from SilverDoctors

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With the Shocking BREXIT Vote Unleashing CHAOS in the Markets – Gold Surges $100, Pound Sterling Crashes Nearly 11%, DOW Plunges 600 Points, The Doc & Dubin Break Down All the Action, and Discuss What BREXIT Means For Gold & Silver In a Critical Metals & Markets:

1. DOW Plunges 600 Points Friday, Setting Up For Market Bloodbath Monday?
2. Plunge Protection Team is Working OVERTIME- “Epic Tape Painting”
3. Why A “Big Downdraft” Is Likely Next Week – They Won’t Be Able to Stabilize the Markets Until We Go ALOT Lower!
4. Gold Surges $100, Skyrockets 22% In Pound Sterling!
Credit Suisse & Deutsche Bank Down Nearly 20%, Gold Up 22% In GBP
5. They’re Gonna Blow Up Next Week!
6. New Gold Bull Market Technically Confirmed With Weekly Close Over $1,308 – What’s Next For Gold and Silver Prices?
7. “Pay Really Close Attention to European Banks”