Bitcoin, Bullion and Brexit: Jeff Berwick on the CryptoShow

from TheDollarVigilante

lass=”” >The glaring differences between the Mexican and Canadian healthcare systems, a severe reaction to the flu shot, the implications of the Brexit vote, a 250 billion pound bailout for UK banks, George Soros and his telling investments, David Cameron and elite manipulations, multiple succession movements in the E.U., system wide economic collapse, Brexit a handy excuse to point the blame for economic collapse, SDR rollout, global currency, new free market system based on Bitcoin, avoiding the upcoming tyranny, the Bilderberg meeting and the nervous elite losing control, gold silver and Bitcoin do well as predicted, sticking with Bitcoin, the upcoming halving event, Shemitah cycles prove eerily correct, this year is the jubilee year, real possibility of war around Syria. Anarcapulco 2017!

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