As Silver Expected to Rally, Investors Might Consider Junior Miners

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

3 Reasons Why Silver Will Rally Higher … Like Warren Buffett, I have a disdain for gold as an investment but remain attracted to silver. For many investors, this appears hypocritical given that both are precious metals with closely correlated prices. However, silver, unlike gold, has considerable utility. It’s widely used in a range of industrial processes, thereby giving it the characteristics of a commodity as well as a precious metal. For these reasons and more, I believe there are signs that silver is poised for an epic rally. – Motley Fool (Canada)

When even a mainstream investment website like Motley Fool is suggesting that silver is a good investment, it’s time to take silver seriously.

Of course Motley Fool Canada has probably touted silver before. But we’re starting to recognize a larger trend here.

In addition to articles, prominent billionaires have now come out in favor of gold. And an endorsement of gold is probably an endorsement of silver as well.

So this is something new.

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