Why It’s Time to Bust the Many Myths Surrounding Brexit

Brexit: fact or fiction?

by John Longworth

It is very hard for anybody not intimately involved or familiar with the EU and the workings of the UK business sector and economy to discern the nature of the advantages of Brexit. It has been made even harder by the relentless promulgation of supposed self-evident “facts” by the government machine and its cronies. As a consequence a number of myths have begun to crystallise around the debate which beg to be challenged and debunked. Here is a myth-busting guide addressing some of the myths and those who seek the truth about Brexit.

Myth: Britain’s economic health is dependent on trade with the EU.

In fact only 6pc of businesses export to the EU and only 13.3pc of our economy is associated with exports to the EU. Whereas the other 87pc of the UK economy is also burdened by the costs and regulations from Brussels. Freeing us from this would make us massively more productive at home and more competitive in global markets.

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