This Week in Stupid (22/05/2016)

from Sargon of Akkad

lass=”” >”You are on the wrong side of history.” – Regressive diversity activists.

UPDATE: The British media mis-reported this as Trudeau manhandling the whip out of anger, and failed to mention that the people Trudeau barged through were actively blocking his path.

My objection was Trudeau manhandling a peer in parliament, but this isn’t what happened, so my apologies and I retract my statements about him. Although it’s still pointless to apologise for something you didn’t do and someone else already apologised for.

UPDATE #2: Davpe357 1 hour ago
+Sargon of Akkad Sorry about this Sargon but I checked out the site reporting about “Nordic alcohol culture” in Sweden and that the police should have used this as a way to cover up (or downplay) sexual assault by immigrants and the source is pure propaganda (Fria tider is the one I read). What the appendix in the police report says is that it is both Nordic alcohol culture and non-traditional gender roles which is to blame for the high number of sexual assaults, but that’s it. The report does not in any way say that the Swedish alcohol culture makes immigrants rape and doesn’t use this as an excuse to sweep sexual assaults by immigrants under the rug. The “journalist” that wrote the article have simply twisted the words of the report to make it seem like the police is trying to do some kind of cover up which is not the case. In fact, the report is very open about problems with immigrants and assaults, to give you an example: they are very clear that immigrants are the problem when it comes to sexual assaults in bath houses.

The “journalist” also has a hard time understanding the references in the annex since the comments about the “Nordic alcohol culture” comes from an interview related to the FRA report, not the FRA report itself which they seem to believe. This is referenced in the footnote.

I am all against the regressive left but this article is pure right wing propaganda and in my opinion you should make an update were you let people know that this is the case (just like you updated the Trudeau story in your comment). You might also want to fact check articles from “Fria tider” in the future since they are quite biased in their reporting.

Many thanks, Davpe357.

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