The Week in Review: May 21, 2016

by Mises Institute

This weekend the Mises Institute is in Seattle for our latest Mises Circle, busting the economic myths we’ve heard throughout this election season. As our friend William Anderson has said, “presidential elections in the United States spawn Really Bad Economic Policies, and 2016 is a vintage year.” Unfortunately we are, today, suffering from the consequences of politicians past. From TSA lines lasting for hours, to the loss of personal privacy in the never-ending crusade for “secruity,” to increasingly reckless economic policy — more and more government seems dedicated to the pursuit of the absurd. But, as the tragic example of Venezuela shows, any society guided by the myth of what central planners can accomplish is doomed to fail.

On Mises Weekends, this week, Jeff offers advice to those trying to cope with the election season. Should libertarians care who is in the White House next year? And what is the best means to spread liberty in our communities? Jeff offers his thoughts.

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