The US Government is a Crazed Criminal Enterprise That is Pushing the World to Nuclear War

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts sent this article around prefaced with the title above yesterday. I didn’t pull it up until today but, coincidentally, a good friend/colleague of mine and I were having a discussion about the various ways in which the neocons and their defense company crony CEOs are using militarism to skim billions in taxpayer money. People don’t connect the fact that the first Gulf War was fought under George H. Bush and the second attempted Gulf War was conducted under George Herbert’s mildly retarded son.

Dick Cheney played a prominent role in both wars. He was George Herbert’s Secretary of Defense during the first military money-skimming excursion was executed and, obviously, the de facto Commander in Chief during the Iraq War. Billions were skimmed off the fat defense contracts handed out to Cheney and his cronies. Does everyone remember Haliburton charging extortionate prices for supplies and fuel to the military? Not only were there no adverse consequences, the contracts to Haliburton continued to flow.

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