The Real Hillary

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

After thirty years as a public figure, few comprehend the real Hillary Clinton. Some people (usually those who believe they will benefit from her success) rave about her intelligence, caring and concern. Others not seen to be beneficiaries of her ascension to the highest office in the land paint a very different picture of the likely Democrat nominee (unless the FBI and Justice Department overrules the Democrat machine which controls the government).

Those of us old enough and attentive enough to have paid attention during her three-decade public career are rightfully wary of her honesty and ethics. Even many who agree with her political views and policies rarely support her on integrity. Experience, to the extent it can be gained by hanging around or “being there” is something she has. But experience is no substitute for good judgment. While the two qualities are often correlated, experience cannot create good judgment.

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