The Most Important, and Precious Metal Bullish, Vote in History

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

On Wednesday, just before yet another blatant Cartel attack – not to mention, before we learned on Friday, that the COMEX “commercial” short position hit another all-time high, I taunted “hey Cartel, is that the best you got?” Well, here we are just three trading days later, and gold is back in earshot of the very, very key round number of $1,308/oz (listen to this interview with Andrew Maguire); whilst silver is back up to $17.35/oz, having recouped all of the “losses” from Mondays’ and Thursdays’ paper raids. To that end, take a look at how pathetic last night’s 143rd “Sunday Night Sentiment” raid of the past 149 weeks was; followed by an even more pitiful “2:15 AM” EST attack. Which is why, yet again, I emphatically retort to fear-mongerers that don’t realize we’re back in a Precious Metals bull market, “it’s the ‘commercials’ that should be scared!” I mean geez, even JP Morgan says so – and as they say, what won’t go down, must go up!

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