The Historic Trend That Shows Gold Is Headed to $4,500 an Ounce

by Jody Chudley
Daily Reckoning

There have been more than a few awful people working on Wall Street and in the financial world. Bernie Madoff comes to mind. He ruined the lives of quite a few people with his colossal Ponzi scheme. The predatory lenders that created the U.S. housing crisis might also qualify.

How about the guys at the top of Enron who sold boatloads of shares while the employee pension plan was directed into the sinking ship?

All of them terrible, but none of them compare to one particular “financial adviser”….Osama bin Laden.

In 2010, bin Laden and al-Qaida came into a $5 million cash windfall. Where did it come from? Ransom proceeds from a kidnapping. Noble work if there ever was some.

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