Still Report #898 – First Superbug Found Resistant to All Antibiotics

from Bill Still

lass=”” >The medical journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy announced today that researchers have discovered the first infectious agent resistant to all known antibiotics in the urinary tract infection of a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman.
According to the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Dr. Thomas Frieden – speaking at the National Press Club in Washington today:
“We risk being in a post-antibiotic world.”
Called mcr-1, the new infection was first spotted in people and pigs in China. However, the patient reported on in the journal has not traveled outside the country recently.
The study was conducted by the Walter Reed National Medical Center – a facility in Washington, D.C. that typically treats military personnel, both active duty and retired.
According to the authors of the study:
“(This) heralds the emergence of truly pan-drug resistant bacteria.” To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of mcr-1 in the USA.”
The patient first visited a clinic at Walter Reed on April 26. There are no details available on the current condition of the patient, however, she was apparently treated unsuccessfully with the antibiotic colistin, which is only used against “nightmare bacteria.”
According to Harvard microbiologist Dr. Gail Cassell:
“It is dangerous and we would assume it can be spread quickly, even in a hospital environment if it is not well contained.”
Experts have warned for over 25 years that the day will come when superbugs will sufficiently mutate so that are completely antibiotic resistant.
According to Dr. Frieden of the CD:
“The more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are. The medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. It is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently.”
The reason humanity has come to the end of the road is that antibiotics have been overprescribed and even used in livestock to maximize profits, but the antibiotics are retained in the animals and when eaten by humans tend to encourage new surviving strains to develop more rapidly.
Studies have shown that as many as 50% of antibiotics prescribed by hospitals are unnecessary or incorrect, further contributing to antibiotic resistance.
New antibiotics are expensive to develop and so drugmakers have steered their research and development monies into medicines for cancer and rare diseases which command very high prices.
In January dozens of drugmakers called on governments to subsidize crash development of new antibiotics to fight drug-resistant super-bugs.
However, it is nearly impossible to imagine that any long-term success in the fight against infection is possible as long as allopathic medicine – the medicine of drugs and surgery – is the only path pursued. Every new antibiotic will soon be overtaken by the ever-mutating super-bugs.
Many believe that humanity’s only good chance at salvation is placing an equal amount into researching alternative medicines and therapies – Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and finally king of all alternative therapies, Osteopathy.
Osteopathy’s founder, Andrew Taylor Still, D.O. believed the human body was nature’s supreme drug-store.
Humans have been around for thousands or millions of years – naturally adapting to diseases. Those whose bodies adapted more quickly lived longer to produce more offspring with better natural disease-fighting internal mechanisms.
Still believed that a physician’s best practice was to remove the restrictions to the body’s natural healing processes:
“A loving intelligent Maker of man … deposited in this body … drugs in abundance to cure all infirmities…. Man should study and use the drugs in this drug-store only.”
“Osteopathy relies upon the inherent powers of the human body to secure and maintain health so long as its structural integrity is maintained, harmonious action of its parts is secured by mechanical adjustment, only healthy foods are administered, and Nature’s laws are observed.”
“Any obstruction to the free flow of the body fluids or harmonious workings of its parts constitute lesions that result in diseased conditions.”
“The Journal of Osteopathy”, Vol. XVI, #3, Kirksville, MO, March 1909, p. 151-158”
In short, Still sought to bring the body’s mechanisms into a state of ease through osteopathic manipulative therapy. Without such treatment the body would fall into dis-ease. Dis-ease being cured by ease – is the only long-ranged, sure solution to superbugs.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.