Still Report #895 – Bill Clinton – Not Going Back to WH With Hillary

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton shocked the nation with what played more like a threat than an encouraging campaign promise:
“I’ve already told my husband that if I’m so fortunate enough to be president and he will be the first gentleman, I’ll expect him to go to work…to get incomes rising.”
Within seconds, Hillary’s prospects for winning the presidency in November sank to an all-time low.
But fortunately, yesterday, the truth came out from reporter Ed Klein of Newsmax:
“When reporters ask [Bill Clinton] to explain the role he plays in his wife’s campaign, he has a pat answer: he’ll do whatever she asks. But when reporters aren’t around, and he’s alone with friends, he admits he is ambivalent about the whole Hillary enterprise.
“I feel like the dog chasing the car [who] doesn’t really want to catch it. I don’t need the scrutiny of being in the White House. I love my life the way it is.
“They can’t impeach me again, but it would be very bad for Hillary. Believe me, if Hillary wins, I’m going to stay as far away from the White House as possible.”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.