Still Report #894 – Trump Crushes in Washington State

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Ceiling repair crews will be hard at work once again this morning at all Mainstream Media – MSM – locations attempting to raise their Trump ceilings once again to accommodate the surging Donald Trump.
Despite a plethora of MSM reports last week that tried to convince America that Ted Cruz was still a valid candidate because the Washington State Republican convention had elected a vast majority of Ted Cruz delegates to the national convention in July – what they failed to point out is that none of that matters. They are all obligated to vote for the winner of yesterday’s primary on the first ballot.
In other words, none of those slanted stories mattered at all, but you weren’t told that. You were told that a bubbling Cruz insurgency still had a chance. It does not!
The vast majority of the MSM are still completely biased towards anyone but Trump – and that now means Hillary Clinton – and I’ll tell you why; because they are all mortgaged out to the max to the world’s biggest banks.
If they were to support Trump, their advertisers would flee in communal corporate terror. Why? Very simple; in a debt-money system, their existence absolutely and totally depends the latest technical equipment and paying the highest salaries to the biggest, blow-hard on-air talent – and that’s literally an insipid money race towards the bottom – where only the biggest banks come out the winners.
How is that? According to what one president of one of the major networks told the Still Report months ago, it is because the MSM all are completely dependent on having their massive loans from these banks renewed or rolled over and over and over again – or they would plunge into instant bankruptcy. Yes, the biggest banks control both the MSM and most of the biggest corporations that advertise on the MSM – all by debt.
Why does this happen? Because since banks create the vast majority of American money out of thin air when they make loans, they end up with all the money, which they then loan out again to their business which will not dare raise their voices against their system of control.
“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”
Proverbs 22:7
Trump is the only one that threatens this system of control by debt.
Although the vast majority of the voting population of Washington state can’t exactly put their finger on this, the root of the problem – they sense that there is some mechanism that controls the news and they sense that Trump is this nation’s last chance to free itself.
And this was the result: Trump’s new ceiling is now 76.2%, Cruz 10.1, Kasich 9.9. Even Dr. Carson got 3.8%.
Trump at this hour has 40 of Washington’s 44 delegates giving him an estimated total of 1209 delegates, just 28 short of the nomination.
Remember, just a month ago, almost no one on the MSM predicted that Trump would attain the magic 1237 first-ballot delegates and we would have a brokered convention. Our prediction at that time was Trump would get 1407 delegates on the first ballot in Cleveland in July.
Trump won overwhelmingly in every county in the state and surprisingly did better in areas with more college grads and better in big cities.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.