Still Report #884 – Megyn Kelly is Killing Fox

from Bill Still

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Fox News took another ratings hit on Tuesday night as they tried to reverse the plummeting ratings of their one-time rising star, Megyn Kelly – but to no avail.
Even though Fox ran Megyn’s Fox Special during the prime time 8pm slot — plus sandwiched it between coverage of the Kentucky and Oregon primaries — plus promoted it heavily as starring Donald Trump — it fell embarrassingly flat.
I mean, it’s literally impossible to fail with such a setup. Or was it?
The Trump interview went up against the season finale of a popular cop show, NCIS, that pulled in 17.6 million viewers, nearly 4 times more than Megan’s Special.
Megyn’s show ran dead last in the ratings for the time slot.
But Megyn’s toxicity may have brought down the following 9pm offering as well. Fox’s premier of a new series called “Coupled” tied for dead last of any show that evening.
Try as she might, Megyn won’t repair the anger she has generated among Trumpsters so easily. Her main problem: she continues to try to attribute her sinking popularity to merely her hostile questioning at the legendary 1st Republican debate.
However Trumpsters were much more offended by Fox’s subsequent 6-month attempt to derail the ever-strengthening Trump train – that is until Trump’s unexpected landslide victories in New York and Indiana.
According to the Truthfeed story on the Tuesday Kelly debacle:
“The snarky, anti-Trump propaganda that Fox News opted to run with after the first Fox Debate, where Kelly behaved like a bias buffoon, has literally turned off so many Fox News viewers that CNN actually beat Fox in the ratings and ranked #1 in cable news in April.”
Plus, CNN has beaten FOX in 5 of the last 8 months in prime time among the coveted 25-54 demographic for the first time in how long — 14 years.
Of course, keep in mind that Fox’s owner, British media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch, handed management of Fox over to his son James – shown on Rupert’s right – last July. So we knew a left turn was coming.
But father and son’s notion of a new Obama-era business plan was to run Fox to the left of the failing Communist News Network – failing – that is – until Rupert himself stepped in and instructed Megyn to hammer Trump hard in that first debate.
Yes, according to a high-level Fox source quoted in New York magazine and published the morning of Megyn’s show:
“… it was Murdoch himself who directed Kelly to hammer Trump during the debut GOP debate, in Cleveland, that sparked the feud in the first place.”
“Rupert told her to do that,” the source said.
That single decision proved to be the beginning of Fox’s sharp downturn; but it may have also represented a pivot point in American history.
Because Trump stuck resolutely to his pro-American, pro-nationalist, anti-globalist roots; he not only won the day, but in doing so, changed the course of history.
Now Obama’s globalist trade deals – straight out of George Soros’s Marxist fantasy world – will fail in the Congress of the United States. Now, the U.S. will be able to maintain its independence and face the Obama invasion squarely. This gives the U.S. a fighting chance of not being over-run in the way Germany, England and France have been.
These two issues are slowly surfacing in the U.S. polls as “the economy” and “national security.”
Oops, time to roll out Fox business plan 2.0.
According to the New York magazine article:
“… it’s clear Trump is good for business … the channel’s ratings dip whenever an anti-Trump segment airs.
“The message from Roger Ailes’s executives is they need to go easy on Trump.”
“We’ve thrown in the towel,” a Fox anchor told the magazine.
I’d prefer to say that Fox has done a 180 to join the populist backlash to return America to its sovereign roots.
And as long as Trump is there, patriotism is now good for business.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.