Still Report #882 – JP Moore – Campaign Trump

from Bill Still

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Last night, as Beth and I were setting up to do a piece on Hillary Clinton, we got a message from JP Moore or Campaign_Trump as he’s known on Twitter.
Initially, we were talking back and forth by twitter, then we decided to go on Skype rather than type our fingers off. Then Beth suggested we record the Skype call – which I was not ready for and so I forget I had to go into settings to record our voices.
So what we have here the first interview with JP Moore but we had to recreate our questions. It’s about 25 minutes long so we’ll split it into two segments and run the second one tomorrow morning.
This should answer a lot of questions and hopefully will cool the Twitter waters so we can get back to work.
JP is real. He’s interesting. He’s a Special Ops guy and having spent some time in that community, I understand his need for security for he and his family.
We both discovered evidence of voter fraud during the Iowa Caucus through different channels, but he got hit much harder with threats against his family than we did.
Initially he asked me to insert video filters to somewhat disguise his appearance, and I honor any reasonable request for anonymity. This morning, during the editing process, he said that overnight he made his own 30 second video – which he has now posted – and so disguise was no longer necessary.
However, overnight I’d already rendered in some filters and that takes several hours to process. So, in this first segment, the video will be somewhat degraded, but in tomorrow’s segment, it will be full Skype video quality.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.