Still Report #880 – Disinfo Roils Trump Volunteers

from Bill Still

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It’s come to my attention that there is a split in the Trump Twitter universe that needs mending as we move towards the general election.
I’m no Twitter ace, but I do follow some of the major players supporting Trump because I get stories from them.
Two of those with the largest followings are JP Moore – or Campaign Trump, and Bill Mitchell.
Mitchell caught my attention first many months ago. I eventually learned that he is more a self-promoter, where Moore is actually at – or very near the core – of the Trump campaign, and he knows Mr. Trump personally.
However, Mitchell is now splitting the pro-Trump Twitter community by claiming that Moore is some sort of fraud.
Until a few days ago, Mitchell has been opaque. Finally, after months of trying to make contact with Mitchell, he responded 2 days ago for the first time – perhaps desperate for a supporter in his self-inflicted dustup with Moore.
Moore, on the other hand – although obviously busy – has always been open and helpful.
About 10 days ago, Moore informed me about an initiative he and a New York volunteer, Thomas P. Kennedy, dreamed up which would continue to self-fund Trump’s general election campaign. My wife and I introduced it a week ago in SR #861.

The idea is that if all of Trump’s 8.27 million Twitter followers would give $125 each – directly to Trump’s donation site – that would be well over a billion dollars and Trump wouldn’t even need the support of the Republican National Committee’s money.
However, Mitchell started claiming that the entire idea was of his making. Then he went further by claiming that Moore was directing donations to a fraudulent website for nefarious purposes.
If this is not a deliberate disinformation operation, then, at least, it is achieving the same results.
Moore is a busy campaign operative who travels constantly. But he took the time to call my wife and I this morning to answer any questions.
He just doesn’t have time to defend himself against Mitchell’s attacks.
Mitchell’s assertions are bogus and unworthy of a top-notch campaign operation.
The site both Moore and our report directed folks to is Trump’s own donation page. One Twitter user quickly confirmed this and posted the results publicly.
Still, many newcomers are confused by the ruckus.
At this point, Mitchell’s activities are only helping to minimize the return for the Trump Voter Self-Funding Initiative.
The final straw for me on the Mitchell problem was when my wife sent me the following early Twitter exchange between Moore and Mitchell:
On Jan. 13, 2016, Mitchell announced that he had:
“… just joined the Trump, North Carolina Campaign as their State Director of Communications.”
Moore, investigated and discovered that Mitchell had no such appointment from the Trump campaign.
Moore, who posts under @Campaign_Trump, tweeted asking Mitchell to stop making that claim, yet politely thanked him for his dedication & hard work on Twitter.
Mitchell’s response makes it quite clear who’s on the right side of this issue. Sorry for the representations of foul language, but you need to know what sort of person we are dealing with here:
“So what. Who are you to tell me what to do. Go f** yourself. I’ll tweet what I want to tweet.”
iThen, the tweet moves from simply foul, abusive language, into potentially prosecutable threats.
“From today onwards I will start destroying your acc and will keep doing it till you leave Twitter. I’ll post anything to destroy you and will keep telling people you are fake. Watch me. You’re an idiot with your stupid @Campaign_Trump name. Blocked”
Three months later, Mitchell backed off his initial claim of being appointed as anything in the Trump campaign:
“For the millionth time since people keep asking: I worked briefly for the Trump campaign as a VOLUNTEER but never as a PAID EMPLOYEE.”
But this hasn’t checked out either, and Mitchell continues to bash Moore unrelentingly.
More documentation on these issues can be found on
Mitchell’s antics have now risen above the level of a trivial internet spat. He’s is now costing Trump money and support, at exactly the time when Trump wants be smoothing up his operation to welcome in several million Bernie supporters looking for a new home.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.